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No matter how many times I've heard a rumor/watched a promising trailer and got disappointed by the end product, I can't help being all squee about the trailer for the last 10 eps of Teen Wolf. That show is so cheesy and silly and I've been watching it mostly for hot daddies (yeah) and now we get the trailer with Stiles and Derek and my fandom heart just melts.


Well I need some kinda fannish fix now that there's no hockey. Yeah.
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It's been a couple of years at least since I last posted anything on a journal, any kind of a journal, and lately I've been thinking about starting to post stuff again. I think I have way too much time on my hands right now (on vacation) and I've spent way too much time thinking about the same things over and over again, so maybe I should just write my thoughts down to get rid of them.

Yeah. :) That'll work.

Writing here seems to prove I'm an ancient relic who doesn't want to modernize herself, but I've tried some of the newer arenas for being a fan and I can honestly say they are so totally not for me. I'm an old fashioned, a bit boring person who doesn't want to communicate in pictures and/or post everything about my life. So it's back to basics with a journal.

I'll most likely concentrate on fannish squeeing as always, but there'll be the usual whining about real life as well. As if I have a life...

Now I think I should go and get new icons. OMG who still uses icons?



Aug. 8th, 2009 02:21 am
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This whole thing with LJ being down again is getting on my nerves. I've been very patient with this fuckery lately, and though I do have a DW account, I've mostly been using LJ. I like using a thing I'm familiar with. It fits my comfort zone.

But come on LJ!

*mutters to herself angrily*
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Title: The Bubble
Author: Rimau Sua Lay
Fandom: American Idol season 8 RPF
Rating: PG, GEN (OMG!) with slashy and het overtones Pairing: Adam Lambert/ rest of the top four UST
Disclaimers: Don't know any of these people. It's pure fiction! Not mine, borrowed without permission, am not making any money. Please don't sue.
Summary: One hellish week (or so) during which there were three times Adam realized he couldn't read people (and grew as a person thanks to that)
Size: ~3 900 words.

Once again betaed by the wonderful [ profile] wolfsbride.

Written as a part of the 'write the bunny out of your head' -thing in a couple of days while being mostly blind. Notice that it's still betaed and though it's a cliche ficlet, I'm not calling it crap.

Contains spoilers to the top three of American Idol season 8.

The Bubble )

Hopefully this is the last Adam -centric bunny! Should concentrate on the other guys now...


May. 15th, 2009 01:18 am
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So... Should I actually join this whole Dreamwidth thing?

Yes, I'm totally in the dark with this. What a surprise...
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This was today.:;

1. House, which I already said, was good.

2. American Idol, which wasn't bad. I liked Ryan's 'I'mnot amused' -look. Jealousy fics ahoy!

3. Being a nice gray civil dservant for a n hour or seven.

4. Angels and Demons. Not a bad movie. Tom Hanks without the mullet was good. Ewan McGregor in a priest's outfit even better. The robes -ripping and branding scene almost made me swallow my tongue. Yeah. *drool*

5. Finished another AI fic. Am now waiting for my dahling beta to appear online. *snicker*

6. I has Pepsi!

7. Tomorrow; AI results show, shopping, and possibly a visit to the hairdresser's. OMG my real life is so exciting!


May. 13th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Yje latest House(5x24)?

Whoo eee!


Was so damn worried for a while and then... Yeah. What? season finale? Rats!

Biut that last glance made my silly romantic heart flutter.

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Author: Rimau Sua Lay
Fandom: American Idol season 8 RPS
Rating: PG. denialfic (duh!)
Pairing: Danny Gokey/Adam Lambert UST
Disclaimers: Don't know any of these people. It's pure fiction! Not mine, borrowed without permission, am not making any money. Please don't sue.
Summary: *points at the name of the ficlet*.
Size: ~960 words.

Once again betaed by the wonderful [ profile] wolfsbride.

Written as a part of the 'write the bunny out of your head' -thing in about 45 minutes while being mostly blind. Notice that it's still betaed and though it's a cliche ficlet, I'm not calling it crap.

Six reasons why Danny Gokey hates Adam Lambert )
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I realluy shouldn't wacth this show. :) Now it's not just the Simon and Ryan show, but I'm.... er...

*facepalm* I'm having a bunny for Adam and Danny.

Why? Like.... What the hell is wrong with my head?


[ETA_Er... The judges and Ryan really seem to be pressing for the 'dream finale' by pimping both Glambert and Hokey. This is weird. Really weird.
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Oh man.

He will knock four times? Like... Hit us on the head with a bloody HAMMER!

Also, just when I am getting over my silly Tennant fangirl squee... Yeah.
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Today at work sucked! So will just sit here and mope and watch season 1 of Anerican Idol.


Fortunately, met with mah girls and bunny and had a steak today, so it wasn't a total fail. Also, twink!Ryan! Man. I wish I could have some chocolate like right now...
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Hmm... I'm slipping back on the evolutionary ladder, listening to a melancholy indie song on repeat and writing a ficlet idea that came to mind.

It's actually working. Managed to squeeze out an angsty piece of angst and now I can't decide whether I just wrote something pretty neat or if I'm so depressed I want to slit my wrists.

This is actually fun! No wonder some authors manage to write dozens of short scenes every month; there's something immensely therapeutic about this.

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Life season finale made me go all meep. [ETA: my bad, the *second to last* episode! OMG YAY!]

Now I want to read good fic about Charlie and Ted, and their weird living arrangement and maybe not hot sex, but I wouldn't mind reading that too.

Any ideas where to find it, or do I have to add some silly crap to my unfinished folder?
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Oh man! I'm really glad this story was finished, though it would have been nice to get some sleep last night instead of sitting here and reading through the third and final part... :)

But that's actually not the writer's fault. I'm stupid! Should remember not to start reading stuff near bedtime.

Anyway, here's the link to the author's main page, you'll find the fic at the stories. Yes, it's an actual site and not LJ, the author's old school.

Reason to rec this fic: it's good! It's also a perfect fix it to the movie, and it portrays two very unique men totally in character. Go read it!
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Oh dear gods...

Yes, I followed the lead of others and did the Star Trek personality test )

I... I'm actually speechless. :)
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Oh man! Oh man!


Spoilery stuff )

Tomorrow, I hope we get to see some of Simon's artistic side... *cough*

CSI NY... Oh man. I mean, it's good, but please gods I need that romance stupidity to end. Like now. Danny and Lindsay have grown on me (like mold or something), but this show can't turn into a romance whatnot.

Someone could strangle that certain someone with one of Flack's ties, and then the others need to prove his innocence, followed by a very cliched slash h/c story with lots and lots of sex. Yeah.

- Blah dee blah.
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Um... I'm actually beginning to think Ted Raimi is hot.


And not just hot in an adorkable way but as OMG gimme some of that. I even think he's hot in Joxer's silly armor. Like hot!

Should seek professional help...
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I've been trying a new cure for the flu: mint tea and Xena. This far, I've demolished a whole box of tissues, had so much tea it feels like I'll start sprouting it out of my ears, and OMG I still cry when I watch Adventures in Sin Trade.

That's the one with Marton and the yurt, btw...

I think I'm going more or less stir crazy here... Don't feel like going out, but the longer I stay home, the crazier I become.

More Xena! I mean, can't deal with more tea...


Mar. 20th, 2009 02:32 pm
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I'm going to lose everyone's respect if I say I absolutely adored Tropic Thunder, right?

But I think I have a weird thing for Robert Downey Jr. and silly inside jokes about war movies tickle my funny bone. Man, I even liked the wannabe bride of Xenu, and that's saying a lot.


Next up: Good Night and Good Luck. Eclectic tastes? Me?

csi ny

Mar. 20th, 2009 01:47 am
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Sid Hammerback may just be my new favorite character. Just so you know.


I think this show is trying to gear up for various storylines, with just six episodes left of this season, and I can't decide if it's a good thing or not. I predict lots of messing up in the future, and the lab will not be the same. Oh well. As long as I get my Mac and Flack fix. And yeah, as long as they still have Sid and Adam there.

Oh and guess what? Pete Wentz can play a douche idiot very well. Why am I not surprised...


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