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sua_lay ([personal profile] sua_lay) wrote2009-05-14 01:15 am

such a perfect day

This was today.:;

1. House, which I already said, was good.

2. American Idol, which wasn't bad. I liked Ryan's 'I'mnot amused' -look. Jealousy fics ahoy!

3. Being a nice gray civil dservant for a n hour or seven.

4. Angels and Demons. Not a bad movie. Tom Hanks without the mullet was good. Ewan McGregor in a priest's outfit even better. The robes -ripping and branding scene almost made me swallow my tongue. Yeah. *drool*

5. Finished another AI fic. Am now waiting for my dahling beta to appear online. *snicker*

6. I has Pepsi!

7. Tomorrow; AI results show, shopping, and possibly a visit to the hairdresser's. OMG my real life is so exciting!
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The part where Simon an Paula fist fight off camera, and Ryan is like, "Don't you dare to film that! And THE NUMBERS ARE, Damnit! *rattles numbers* So! Well!" Laughed out loud to that :)

Also, fiiiic! I have only one measly bunny. Someone posted this awful "Adam is an alcoholic" fic, and now I want one where he is a secret pain pill abuser and someone (Paula?) figures him out.

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Gah, I can't go anywhere right now: there'll be spoilers around the web and I wanna watch the results show unspoiled!


For some reason, AI slash calls for all the idiots. I've found like two readable Simon/Ryan fics, and haven't dared to even try and find any Danny/Adam (after reading that Astolat fic). Gah!

My beta seems to have dropped from the face of the earth, so will sit on the fic for a bit longer. Boo.

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The only fandom writing as crappy fic as most of Danny/Adam and Adam/Kris fandom produces was the Tokio Hotel fandom, but they at least wrote loving, long and complicated crap, and not short, rushed, it's-a-miracle-I-know-all-alfabets -crap..

doesn't stop me from loving it, though ;)

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Now, after watching the results, I'm all EEEEE! here and there are more bunnies. Please shoot me now.

Also, the insanely cliched bunnies from my Nsync days are back. If you haven't shot me now, please do so now.

Or ask Jason Castro to do it for you... :)

But fic! Gimme fic!
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I think that only dogs could hear the collective squee the fangirls made when they noticed Kris' one painted thumbnail and Adam's unpainted one. BFF through nail polish! Full body slam hugs! 800 dollar clothing budgets! Adam wanting the 1 700 dollar D&G suit to "feeling good" and stashing the rest of the money from his own pocket (they do get paid for the studio versions and music videos)!

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Oh hey, we should probably discuss when you and Emmuzka are coming over to see if you want a dibs on whatever I'm tossing out from my wardrobe. Not next week, I'll be working until 5 PM but perhaps the one after that? Week 22?

Of course, you don't need both come at the same time if this doesn't fit in your schedule.

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I for one will be a demanding guest and whine for coffee as well as shirts! Gimme!

Week 22 is fine. Any day except foe Wednesday and Thursday is fine.

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*looks into cupboard*

Actually... I need to go shopping for some groceries. I ran out of everything yesterday and was too tired to shop after laundry.

How about we'll meet on Tuesday 26th? I'm free after 15.30!

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Sounds like a plan. I can meet you anywhere,and then we can go to your place to fight over your stuff... :)

I hope you buy groceries even before next week...:)

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Ewan has to stop making movies that I don't want to see *sob*.

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Surprisingly enough, Angels and Demons wasn't as tedious as Da Vinci Code. Color me surprised.

And man, Ewan was awesomely hot there!