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One should never take a quiz... It's stupid and addictive....

Rimau Sua Lay --

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'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

No more spamming on FList. I promise!
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*laughs so hard she falls from the chair*

Oh man! This is priceless!

So yeah, I took the silly 'this is where you go when you die' quiz. Wanna guess the result? Like... Seriously? Come on... )

Well, that was amusing... :)

Now I have an urge to talk about death and beliefs and all that jazz, but for some reason it always makes people really uncomfortable. I have no idea why. Oh well...
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Since I have nothing better to do (like write fic or clean up the mess I call 'home'), I've been amusing myself... with quizzes )

Today's entertainment also considted of Da Vinci Code. I still like Dan Brown's books, they're like intellectual cotton candy. Quick to read, kinda fluffy, but they kind of stay in your mind and maybe make you want to have some more. Come on, people! If anything you read makes you think (and no, the idiots who think it's heresy to actually think are not correct and you won't burn in hell), it's not a bad book. Even though it kind of is.

Also, look at the new shiny icon! I'm still feeling Tennant love (and Who love, the rhinoes were so cool in their leather outfits! alien sort of Tom of Finland!)!


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