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I may regret this, but....

Ask me for a fannish opinion, in any fandom I've ever shown any interest in. Ask about a character, a plot point, for speculation. Ask me about some meta issue, whatever. I'm fearless.

Not promising an in depth analysis of anything. :D But I'm game anyway.

Seen in [ profile] ladycat777's journal and stolen without shame.
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Oh it's been ages since I last did one of these....

Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
created with
You scored as Lord Havelock Vetinari

You are Lord Vetinari! Supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork! Cool, calculated, and always in control. You graduated from the assassins guild, but failed a course on stealth and camouflage, because the professor never saw you there (even though you attended every class). You always seem to know what everyone is thinking, and after a conversation with you, people feel that they have just escaped certain death.

Lord Havelock Vetinari


The Librarian


Carrot Ironfounderson


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax


Commander Samuel Vimes




Gytha (Nanny) Ogg






Cohen The Barbarian


*cough* I'm really not like that, right? Right?

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Why the heck is this a 27 question meme? Is there some kinda significance with the number? Yes? No? Maybe?

Anyway..... from [ profile] ainaria. Not tagging anyone. Fill and post in your own LJ if that's your cup of tea. If not, go and read more porn. I know you wanna.

1. Do you have a tattoo?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Fish?
5. Do you dream in colour?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. How about them hipsters?
8. How did we meet?
9. What's your philosophy on life and death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police?
12. Do you like musicals?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
15. Would you cheat?
16. What are you wearing?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair?
21. What's your favorite day of the week?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you?
25. What was your first impression of me?
26. Have you ever done drugs?
27. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
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Since it's actually fun to make these memes, here's one with lyrics from songs from my playlist. Yeah, the one where you get to guess the songs. And no cheating! clickety click here )

Guh. Some song lyrics really seem so much better when you actually listen to the song and then when you write them down it's weirdass wangsty crap. :D
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Baa baa it's the meme sheep again....

Instructions: Write down the names of 12 characters. After you've written them all down, then read and answer the questions hidden behind the cut.

No fair peeking at the questions behind the cut until you've jotted down all 12 characters.

1. the Doctor (ten most preferably) (Doctor Who)
2. Captain Jack Harkness (Who/Torchwood)
3. Richard Winters (Band of Brothers)
4. Xena (hahahaha.... Xena)
5. Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
6. Methos (Highlander)
7. Michael Garibaldi (Babylon 5)
8. Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek TNG)
9. Dr. Gregory House (House)
10. Alan Shore (Boston Legal)
11. Leo McGarry (The West Wing)
12. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

and then you do the questions )

That was actually fun. I wonder why I haven't done this before... And am so amazed I didn't cheat! OMG!


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