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This LJ is rated R! I swear a lot and babble about nekkid people. If that offends you, or you're underage, what the hell are you doing here?

Slash ahoy! (and maybe some mention about het too... I know, I'm weird) Yes, I write adult fanfiction. Worship me! Not that I intend anything sinister like copyright infringement. I own nothing! Go and buy the books and movies and give TPTB money!

I rant about lots of different fandoms with some spoilers (usually under a LJ-cut), so beware. Also, I don't have a lot of squicks and may mention kinks that may not be everyone's cup of tea. I believe that nothing between consenting adults is wrong.

I don't usually friend people just to read fic or to return a favor. Friending me is totally acceptable, though. :D

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Date Created:2001-06-18
Number of Posts: 969

sua_lay may sometimes remind you of the Egyptian god of frustration, but she's usually really mellow. Her time is spent between sleeping, eating and dreaming about men doing naked gymnastics with other men. Yeah. One of those insane people.
Strengths: The hyena-like laughter. Evil glare. Nasty comments. Willingness to give you a chance. Strength to walk away.
Weaknesses: Insane optimism. Naked men. Naked women. Watermelon.
Special Skills: Types fast. Makes a mess faster than any frat boy. Appears to be more stupid than she actually is.
Weapons: Claws and teeth. Occasional hunting knife, samurai sword, Glamdring, a few axes and a morning star.
Motto: To thine own self be true; and do onto others before they can do onto you.

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