Mar. 18th, 2009 01:14 pm
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30 minutes into the latest NCIS:


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Today, I'm going to take a shower!


Finished watching season 3 of Lewis, and it wasn't bed, though it wasn't anywhere near as good as the previous seasons. Oh well. I guess Life Born of Fire spoiled us all. I'm now forced back to US telly programs. NcIS, here I come!

The new rumor that American Idol is fixed made me laugh I mean... Is this news somehow? I don't actually care if it's fixed or not; as long as Simon and Ryan do the bitchy-flirty show and dance, I'm happy.
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I've had lots of weird fandom thoughts lately. Here are a few of them: ranty rant )

Right now, I'm heading off to watch CSI NY. No new NCIS this week, which makes me sad. I've developed some weird Gibbs love, and I need my fix.

Oh well...
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I'm still blaming [ profile] dlasta for making me actually like AI. Just so you know. She's to blame.


Anyway, it's weird watching the show 'live'. Watched last season a few months ago, so already knew who was gonna win and so forth, and now I'm actually tempted to listen to the singing and not just watch the Simon flirts with Ryan moments. Huh. Weird.

Last night's show was weird, with the guys being really nice for the most of the episode. Was thinking I was watching pod people, and fortunately before the end got to hear the 'horrible karaoke version' speech, so maybe it wasn't actually a bad hallucination after all.

Will anyone be surprised to hear that I went all 'meep' when Ryan touched Simon's face? Thought not...

Okay, so will now go and watch some more telly. Am still a bit weirded about this whole AI thing, since I loathe reality tv. But hey, if I'm just watching it for the porn, maybe I'm redeemed!
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In case I need to write a summary for the latest NCIS...

"Gibbs and DiNozzo do a very macho version of Brokeback Mountain. No explicit sex, but DiNozzo's ass is mentioned several times. Later on, Gibbs gets to do a very macho gun porn thingy with a rifle, while DiNozzo looks after Delenn whatshername. Not as hot as last week's, but whoooeee the gun porn moment was awesome."

I really wonder why I'm not working on some TV show magazine. I mean... That was so much better than 'blah blah they solve crimes blah...'

Of course now I'm all meep, 'cause usually when a show is this good and makes me this happy, it'll all go down the drain.
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The new Ed Zwick movie the Defiance is worth watching. It's long and gritty and sad, but it was also somehow full of hope.

Was good to see a WW2 movie about the Jews not made by Spielberg, showing that all people are capable of all sorts of acts, both full of mercy and hatred.

Of course on a very shallow note, Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber were awesome, as was Jamie Bell. Am not just talking about the cuteness, those guys can act.

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Okay, so a non spoilery squee about the latest NCIS.

Forget the headslaps. Forget the stares, the 'on it, boss' and the atta boy. That CPR scene? Nothing.

This episode was like the slashiest episode of this show ever. And that's saying a lot. If you're a Gibbs/DiNozzo fan, you'll make sounds only dogs can hear. Yeah.

*so very happy*

Also, I may have mucho love for Gibbs right now. And Mark Harmon. Oh hell, I just love everyone.
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Had a great weekend with [ profile] tvillingar: food. movies, babble, the works. Now am a bit weirded 'cause time's practically flown and happy that I now have two more days off. At least one of those days will be spenr doing absolutely nothing.

Then of course I have my wardrobe that really needs sorting out. I already fiddled there for a while after Tvilly left, and found at least one bag full of shoes and handbags I need to get rid of.

Also, I'm now sneezing, 'cause man all that dust! Ew!
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Have been suffering from insomnia lately. I can't get sleep and then I can't get up in the morning.

*is ded*

Of course today I won't stay up till four am writing a post apocalypse RPS fic with the Davids... That might help. Or not. I don't feel at all sleepy, and then stare into darkness when I go to bed.
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Seeing Ryan Seacrest wear a shirt with the Union Jack in last night's American Idol made me want to don my tin hat and go squee.

This is getting ridiculous. Please, someone, find me good fic about him and Simon Cowell, so I can stop doing this. K? Please! This far, I haven't found one single fic that didn't make me weep blood. Help! Help!


My excuse of 'fandom is keeping me sane and away from therapy' is definitely wearing thin here.
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Yesterday was such a good day. Spent most of the evening at [ profile] tvillingar's, babbling and drinking coffee. Almost fell asleep on my way home, and once here, I crashed and slept around the clock.

Don't even feel groggy now. I mean, I probably should, but am just all energized and happy.

More coffee!

Will now dedicate this day to not going anywhere or doing anything. Should clean my closet, but yeah, not gonna happen today. I think I'll watch some telly and write some fic. Have been neglecting all the unfinished stories I have, and seeing people post these 'fics I finished in 2008' memes all around makes me wonder if I should actually finish something this year.

Now I just need to decide if I'll dabble with the Babylon 5 guys (thanks, Ainaria, I always get the number wrong... :)), Jim Gordon's control issues or Simon Cowell's nipples.

Hmm... Decisions....
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Was going to make one of those 10 hot celebrities/characters I'd boink in a minute lists yesterday, but then realized I was going to write names like David Cook and Simon Cowell there and decided not to go there after all.


I'm kind of drifting from fandom to fandom right now, obsessing on Sherlock Holmes one day, then watching American Idol the next, wondering when I should watch more CSI NY...

Maybe it'd be good to be able to actually focus on one fandom. But... I'm not into any of the bigger ones, so... Whatever.
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Tried to shop for some furniture today, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Boo hoo.

But had fun with [ profile] emmuzka anyway. :)

Am now torn between obsessing on the damn Idol thing, eating more blueberry quark and watching the latest CSIs. Oh well. Maybe I'll just... multitask or something.
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Watching just the ending of the latest CSI NY made me sqyeal so loud I probably woke up the whole apartment building.


That was a date and I will not believe any other explanation.

Okay, now I need one of those PayPal 'press the button and donate' buttons on my user info. Well, I will if they evict me for being so loud at this time of night. Morning. Whatever.

First the cuteness of AI season 7, now this. This is me being a happy fan for once. Thank you PTB, thank you the muses of slash. I know it'll all suck later on when all the characters in the shows do the damn macho hetero affirming stuff, but right now... Yeah.
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[ profile] dlasta gave me her tapes of American Idol season 7. Wasn't really convinced I'd like watching it, but thought I'd watch the first few eps today... Er... It's now tomorrow...

Eleven episodes later...

I can't decide who is my all time fav. I mean, yeah, I know who won and so forth and right now I think he so definitely deserved it. And no, this isn't just my enthusiasm for the D2. Um... Or whatever they're called in fandom. Are they called anything? Should someone know?

But... Er... Simon! And Ryan's a darling. And I still want just one good RPS fic about those two, without soulmates or Simon being nice or... Yeah, well I think I just described like 90% of the fic there...

I'm overusing the dot dot dot, right? Right.

Still blaming Dlasta for this. You rock, girl.
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I know the icon is really inappropriate (or maybe not), but since it's my no! icon...

Ricardo Montalban died today.


I should just start watching new things, young things. Losing actors who meant a lot to me when I was a kid make me feel weird and kinda old.

[ETA: What? And Patrick McGoohan too? I'm rather speechless now...]
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This is what happens only if you're an insane fan:

Was reading some stuff in my bedroom, idly listening as my flatmate watched telly in the living room. Some kinda discovery channel whatever about Mt. Everest climbers. Blah dee blah, wish the updates on my computer would just install so I could do stuff....

And then suddenly my mind went all *ding*.

Ran to the living room, foaming at the mouth and stared at the telly. That silly hospital documentary about Everest climbers was narrated by a very familiar Scottish voice.

:) Of course my flatmate laughed at me, especially since I had to sit through the 30 minutes of OMG idiots climbing up a block of ice to feel important just to hear the narrator. Tried to make a bet with her, 'will do all the dishes for the rest of the year if it isn't Tennant and if it is, you'll do them', but the smart woman declined.

In conclusion: I have absolutely no life whatsoever. My day was made better by Tennant's voice, and that is very, very sad.

Almost pathetic.

But what the hell. Squee.
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And again we get the wah wah about LJ.

My official statement: 'Hibernating until this goes away'.

RL is too full of angsting stuff, so I'm so totally not thinking about this.
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Er... After watching the Doctor Who confidential for the Eleventh Doctor, I now have a new official statement.

'I'm hesitantly optimistic about the change.'

The Tennant bits showed a man who is excited about his job but at the same time weary and wants to move on with his life. So yeah, it'll be awful to watch him go, but it's not a bad thing.

The New Guy... Since I'm not going to spoil anything here, let's just say that I liked his eyes. They looked old. Which works just fine.

And for the first time (er.. this year) I wanted to slap RTD and tell him to shut up already. That was weird. I usually enjoy his exuberance, but now it was more like... Move on with it.

Maybe that's what we should feel about Tennant as well.

*still a bit weirded*
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My official comment about all the things considering the 11th Doctor.

'I have no opinion. Will wait and see.'

Of course my inner Doctor Who fangirl is all squee about the possibilities, while my inner David Tennant fangirl is weeping blood. That's the way this show goes, yeah, but... I've grown accustomed to his silly face....

*hits herself with a slipper*


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