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Author: Rimau Sua Lay
Fandom: American Idol season 8 RPS
Rating: PG. denialfic (duh!)
Pairing: Danny Gokey/Adam Lambert UST
Disclaimers: Don't know any of these people. It's pure fiction! Not mine, borrowed without permission, am not making any money. Please don't sue.
Summary: *points at the name of the ficlet*.
Size: ~960 words.

Once again betaed by the wonderful [ profile] wolfsbride.

Written as a part of the 'write the bunny out of your head' -thing in about 45 minutes while being mostly blind. Notice that it's still betaed and though it's a cliche ficlet, I'm not calling it crap.


by: Rimau Sua Lay

1. His body

Once, Danny heard someone comment that Adam was a fat Pete Wentz wannabe, and though he didn't really follow stuff like that, the internet was full of pictures, and, well... Yeah.

He liked the 'fat' part. Also, the snooty comments about Adam's nail polish and his make-up. Oh, and those
things about his clothes, especially the more... outrageous ones.

But none of that really compared with reality.

Not really fat, more compact, and that had to be just an indication of selfishness and vanity, because no one
had a body like that without lots of work. Danny found that really vain.

The hair was ridiculous as well. No one should spend that much time on his hair.

Then there was the very inconsiderate way way Adam towered over Danny, forcing him to crane his neck when he stood by his side. It was very selfish, showing no concern for other peoples' comfort zone.

Most of all, Danny hated Adam's hands, the very capable fingers gripping the microphone like he'd been doing that all his life and enjoyed it, lips so close they could touch the mic, shiny teeth flashing between lyrics and smiles.

2. His smell.

Not that Danny spent a lot of time smelling other guys. Because he didn't. But it was perfectly normal to notice it when someone used that many different products and still managed to smell... decent. It was really unnatural, and unmanly.

3. His song choices.

a. in the competition

Had to do with pride. Adam's pride, that is, because Danny wasn't one to succumb into the sin of vanity and
pride. At least like that.

But couldn't Adam just pick up a style and stick with it? Glam rock today, ballad tomorrow, what on earth was he going to do next?

It was just showing off, and Danny felt bad for guys like Kris and Matt who didn't have such a great range, and who had to feel kind of small next to Adam.

Poor bastards.

b. at home (as in the kitchen and other public places)

So yes, it was nice to be friendly with the younger contestants like Allison, and as the oldest, Danny could
appreciate Adam's effort to make her feel comfortable and at home, but...


c. in the shower.

It made Danny grit his teeth to listen to Adam sing in the shower.

Of all the songs in the universe, why did he have to pick these ones?

The slow gospel had been bad enough (nobody knows the trouble I've seen...), but the Carrie Underwood imitation had been pure hell.

Having Kris join Adam in his fifth rendition of Yes Jesus Loves Me was rather blasphemous. Danny had no idea
how to approach the matter with Kris, though.

He'd have to think about it a bit more.

4. His attitude.

Nobody could really be that comfortable in his skin, especially if you were like... that.

Danny wasn't completely ignorant. They'd watched Brokeback Mountain way back when it came out, and he'd felt for the horror these people had to live in. Too bad no one had shown those two the way. But Adam didn't seem to be suffering too much about... Well, you know.

It would have been even easier to understand if Adam had worn too tight clothes all the time or carried a feather boa, humming he was who he was. He just... was who and what he was.

It was incredibly insensitive of him to hold such a front. Inside, there had to be lots of pain and suffering, and Danny's whole soul throbbed at the idea
of ... well, nevermind. Pastoral care. That's all.

5. His taste in people.

a. friends, as in the competition.

Even if you ignored the Disney thing, all the interest Adam showed in Allison was definitely creepy. Not that Danny thought he had some improper plans towards her, his whole presence was enough to corrupt her.

He couldn't understand that thing with Kris at all. What did those two have in common? Well, besides Idol. Not a damn thing!

Since he hadn't really seen anything special between Adam and the others, he couldn't pinpoint what had annoyed him about their relationships, but he was sure there had been something.

He'd just have to keep his eyes open on the tour.

b. friends, as in real life.

Phone calls, text messages, even some letters for God's sake. That had to be unhealthy!

How did one make so many friends anyway? Working in theater couldn't mean you had to know absolutely everybody by name, and become friends with him.

Danny decided it had to be a front to hide loneliness. So many familiar faces, yet no one Adam really knew.

c. boyfriend


6. His eyes.

There was something creepy about the way Adam looked at the world. Seeing things no one else seemed to
notice, gaze finding weird details in everything.

With all that make up used to draw everyone's attention to his eyes, it was impossible to ignore them. The way they were intense, the fire burning in them.
Emotions shining in there even when Adam kept his expression bland.

Even things Danny never expected to notice; understanding and compassion, the incredible tenderness.
Genuine surprise every time the judges praised his performance. Sleepy amusement when the cars came to pick them up in the morning. So much raw emotion somehow projected by such a shallow creature.

Most of all, Danny hated the way Adam's eyes always seemed to look right through him, with polite disinterest, acknowledging his presence and then moving on, never lingering.

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